Cranebrook Tea Room

The snow and the muted colors will be here to stay for some time. The Crane Brook Restaurant and Tea Room was one of our favorite restaurants that closed a couple of years ago. The buildings on the site have a long and evolving history relating to three different Plymouth County industries: manufacturing, agriculture and hospitality. In 1760, a foundry was built on this site by Bartlett Murdoch using Sampson’s Pond bog iron to produce many different products. This furnace later created cannonballs used during the War of 1812. Later incarnations were a cranberry screening house and then the restaurant and gift shop. Daniel Smith Watercolors in a Canson Sketchbook.



One thought on “Cranebrook Tea Room

  1. Lisa D. Jacques January 29, 2015 / 6:50 am

    Lovely watercolor!!


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