Eddy Homestead

My relatives from another era. My parents traced our genealogy back to the Eddy family that were among the passengers in the “Handmaid” that landed in Plymouth on October 29, 1630 (only 10 years after the pilgrims of 1620)  Middleboro, in common with other towns in the Old Colony, can boast of men in the nation’s formative years who contributed greatly to the growth of America by their industrious, pioneering spirit. Various sections of town are still known by the names of these early settlers. This is true of the section in East Middleboro known as Eddyville.  Of primary interest to Middleboro is the knowledge that he is listed as one of the first purchasers of land from the Indians. This was the so-called Twenty-six Men’s Purchase in 1661. This is the old barn on the Eddy Homestead done in Faber-Castell Pitt pens in a Stillman and Birn Alpha Sketchbook.

2015-04-11-Eddy Homestead


One thought on “Eddy Homestead

  1. Lisa Jacques April 14, 2015 / 6:36 am

    Fantastic sketch!!🌟


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