“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” – Groucho Marx

This is the view siting on the Overlook Terrace today between meetings at Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, New Jersey. It is the most idyllic setting with the beautiful manicured greens and fairways and all of the old growth trees. The pool is off to the left and in the evening, members relax in the Adirondack Chairs adjacent to the practice green. Pilot Nakimi Falcon fountain pen with Noodlers Ink, Pelikan watercolors in a Stillman and Birn Alpha Sketchbook.

2015-06-30 Ridgewood Course


The Venitian Cigar Dinner

Tonight we attended an annual cigar dinner hosted by one of our clients The Venitian in Garfield, NJ. An amazing event with over a 1,000 attendees. The food is fantastic and more than you have ever seen.  This is just one of the tables with roasted vegetables only. The event raised over  $200,000 for the New Jersey Police Benevolence Association. Pilot Namibia Falcon fountain pen, Noodlers ink, Pelican watercolors in Stillman and Birn .


Green, Green and more Green

I snapped a photo as we walked by the Plymouth Guild for the Arts to use as a base for this sketch. All winter everyone was so tired of the snow and I was tired of sketching and painting the different shading on the white snow longing for green. Now the challenge is for painting foliage and all the variations of green in nature. This is something that I have to work at to get the correct greens and not over work the colors. Faber-Castell Pitt pens and Utrecht Watercolors in a Stillman and Birn Sketchbook. 5″ x 8″

2015-06-28 Plymouth Guild for Art

Blue Eyed Crab

Another sketch of our favorite restaurant, the Blue Eyed Crab in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Such a wonderful restaurant with amazing seafood, great location, wonderful staff and a Fantastic Chef/Owner, Jim Casey in the Kitchen. This is the view of the entry off of the village courtyard with the late day shadows cast from the trees onto the façade. This is actually the first time I have partially captured my wife Lisa in a sketch as she steps inside the door. Utrecht Watercolors, black Pitt line work in an Alpha Series Stillman and Birn Sketchbook.

2015-06-27 Blue Eyed Crab

Ridgewood Country Club

Another day in New Jersey for work. This is another view of the front façade of Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, New Jersey. The club is beautiful and has just been listed on the National Registry of Historic places along with all 27 golf holes. The original structure was designed by architect Clifford Wendehack and the golf course was designed by Albert Warren Tillinghast, the preeminent golf architect of the 1920s. Faber-Castell Pit pens, Utrecht Watercolors in an Alpha Series Stillman and Birn Sketchbook.

2015-06-25 Ridgewood

Chatham Lighthouse

Chatham Lighthouse,known as Twin Lights prior to 1923, is a lighthouse in Chatham, Massachusetts, near the “elbow” of Cape Cod. The station was established in 1808, the second light on Cape Cod. To distinguish it from Highland Light, the first Cape Cod light, and to act as a range, twin octagonal 40-foot (12 m) wooden towers were built. They were on skids so that they could be moved to keep them in line with the entrance channel as it shifted. The current structures were built in 1879 of brick lined cast iron with a Fourth Order Fresnel Lens. Today, the former keeper’s house is an active U.S. Coast Guard station, and on-duty personnel living quarters. Quick pencil sketch with Koh-I-nor solid graphite 4B pencil in the Alpha Series Stillman and Birn.

2015-06-22 Chatham Light

“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine … it’s summertime!” — Kenny Chesney

Today is the Summer Solstice in North America. Even with the heavy rain, it is the season most anticipated in New England. This is a watercolor sketch from a photo that I snapped a couple of week ago. The view is from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy overlooking Buzzards Bay. Pitt Art pens, Utrecht Watercolors in a Moleskine 5″ x 8″ watercolor sketchbook.

2015-06-21 Summer Solstice