The Black Cat Shack out Back

Owners David Colombo and Scott Brownlee invite you to the harbor-side Black Cat Tavern overlooking the water in Hyannis, MA. The Black Cat tavern is a traditional Cape Cod Seafood restaurant. A new addition is the Shack Out Back is the Cape’s newest hidden gem. You’ll find our little outdoor oasis tucked in behind the Black Cat Harbor Shack. Grab a stool at the roomy bar and watch as your oysters and clams are shucked to order. We have always loved the Black Cat and the Shack out Back is a wonderful, open air bar and dining venue. Pilot Namiki Falcon fountain pen with Noodlers Black Ink, Utrecht Watercolors in a Stillman and Birn Sketchbook.

2015-06-20 Black Cat


Middleborough Memorial

After years of heated discussion, Middleborough in 1927 finally witnessed the opening of a new modern high school on North Main Street to replace the original high school structure built in the mid-1880s. To celebrate the new school (subsequently named Middleborough Memorial High School to honor the town’s First World War servicemen), appropriate ceremonies were held including the formal dedication on September 16, 1927. Sketch from the car of the former Middleborough Memorial High School. Faber-Castell Pit pens in black and shades of grey in my Alpha Series Stillman and Birn 9″ x 12″ Sketchbook.

2015-06-19 Middleborough Memorial

Nobska Lighthouse

Nobska Light is located at the division between Buzzards Bay and Vineyard Sound in Woods Hole, Massachusetts on the southwestern tip of Cape Cod. The light station was established in 1826, and the current tower dates to 1876. The light station was added to the National Register of historic Places as Nobska Point Light Station in 1987. Nobska Light is set at the very southwestern tip of Cape Cod, separated from the shore by Nobska Road. The light station includes four buildings: the tower, the keeper’s house, a radio beacon house, and a small oil house. The tower has a brick interior and a metal exterior, formed out of four rings of iron paneling, and rises to a height of 40 feet. A quick graphite value sketch completed with Kohi-nor solid graphite 4B pencil in a Stillman and Birn Alpha Sketchbook.

2015-06-18 Nobska Light

Mystic Harbor

Mystic Seaport Harbor in Mystic, Connecticut is the largest maritime museum in the world. It is notable for its collection of sailing ships and boats, and for the re-creation of the crafts and fabric of an entire 19th-century seafaring village. It consists of more than 60 original historic buildings, most of them rare commercial structures moved to the 17-acre site and meticulously restored. A quick line drawings sketch of the harbor in Mystic. The buildings and most of the ships in the background are part of the Seaport Museum. Faber-Castell black pens in an Alpha Stillman and Birn Sketchbook.

2015-06-17 Mystic Harbor

Saphire Inn

This is a quick sketch of the Saphire Inn in Sharon, MA. The  Spahire Inn is one of our projects that we will be renovating through the office. The focus here was the flowers, urn, fountain and variety of greens that caught my interest. The Saphire Inn is currently a residential building adjacent to the Saphire Estate banquet facility adjacent to Lake Massapoag.  The renovation will rebuild the Inn as a per-function space supporting the Saphire Estate. Black art pens with Pelikan watercolors in a Stillman and Birn Alpha Sketchbook.

2015-06-16 Saphire Inn

Ward’s Berry Farm

Ward’s Berry Farm is a family farm located in Sharon, MA. Brothers Jim & Bob Ward have run the farm since 1982, offering the finest quality fresh picked fruits and veggies. Their mother, Ann uses family favorite recipes to create her famous fruit jams and jellies sold in the store. The colors of summer are starting to show at Ward’s Berry Farm. At the peak of summer, the flowers and colors will take over this scene on the ground and trellis. Faber-Castell Pit Art pens, Pelikan watercolors in a Stillman and Birn Sketchbook.

2015-06-15 Wards Berry Farm

The Market

The Market at Pine Hills in Plymouth, MA is a fantastic quality community market within the Pine Hill Golf Development. The barn like structure is enhanced with a glass curtain wall at the entry, colorful fruits and produce in wood displays outside the entry, colorful flowers,tall pine trees and café seating under umbrellas. Faber-Castell Pitt Art Pens and Utrecht Watercolors in a Stillman and Birn Alpha series sketchbook.

2015-06-14 The Market

Mac’s Shack

Mac’s Shack is a quintessential Cape Cod restaurant with a contemporary twist. M<ac’s is located in a 19th century house that was once a nautical shop and the lobsterman on our roof is an homage to the Lobster Hutt, circa 1971. Mac’s is one of our favorite restaurants on the Cape and the food is amazing from fish and chips to sushi and a savory Bermuda Chowder. Always fresh. Beautiful sunny day to be on the Cape for art, food and meeting people. I sketched this scene sitting on a sloped lawn across the street from the restaurant. My favorite type of sketching, outside on a beautiful day, getting lost in the enjoyment of the moment. Pitt Art Pens, Pelikan watercolors in an 8″ x 10″ Alpha Series Stillman and Birn Sketchbook.

2015-06-13 Macs Shack

Kaleidoscope of Dance

Tonight was the annual recital for the Kaleidoscope of Dance in Wareham, MA. My nephew Cam is amazing in his dance and gymnastic abilities. He performed in 6 dances including 1 solo. Amazing talent. I tried to capture the scene in the dark theater sketching with a super fine black art pen and added the color later at home. People are a huge challenge for me and I want to start adding more to my sketches. My challenge within a challenge will be to focus this week on sketching people at small (sketchbook) scale. No portraits for sure.

2015-06-12 Cams Dance

C and L Stables – Goddard Park

After a wonderful evening gathering with co-workers in Warwick, Rhode Island and as the sun was setting on a beautiful day, I stopped into Goddard Park for my daily sketch. The C & L Stables is a wonderful location within the park and very picturesque with the stables, horses, barn and sunken stone lined stable as shown in the foreground. and Goddard Park’s 489.2 acres in Warwick has had a colorful history down through the years. As a private estate, Goddard Park was richly endowed with spacious lawns, fields, and forested areas. This wealthy inheritance of the State still largely remains in spite of the extensive damage caused by the 1938 hurricane. Located along two miles of Greenwich Cove, the park was formally opened to the public on June 1, 1930. Faber-Castell Pitt extra fine black art pen in my Stillman and Birn Sketchbook.

2015-06-11 C-L Stables