Middleboro Service Station

I have been wanting to sketch this old service station for some time. It is located on a rotary in Middleboro, Massachusetts that is difficult to access. This sketch is from a photo taken from the rotary. It is a cool little building that was probably unique at one point in history. Faber Castell Pitt art pens in black and gray in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

2016-06-30 Service Station


North Hempstead Country Club

A quick sketch of a dormer on North Hempstead Country Club in Port Washington, New York on Long Island. This is the next Master Plan that I am working on and this sketch was completed from the car while waiting for a meeting. Faber Castell Pitt Art pens with Holbein watercolors in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

2016-06-27 NHCC

Orleans Garden Tour

Today we spent part of the day enjoying a tour of 6 home gardens hosted by the Orleans Garden Club in Orleans, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. The gardens were gorgeous with all of the blooming flowers and lush greens. This view is from a house with 5 acres of woods planted with shade loving plants and a barn that overlooked this small pond. Wonderful afternoon enjoying nature and listening to some wonderful music at each location. Faber Castell Pitt art pens with Holbein watercolors in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

2016-06-25 Orleans Garden Tour

Milford Boatworks

Traveling back from New York from another club presentation, I stopped in Milford Connecticut. There is a wonderful waterfront with lots of marinas and boats. This is a quick pen and ink sketch from the car of a small out building at the Milford Boatworks. Lamy Safari fountain pen with Noodler’s black ink in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

2016-06-22 Milford Boatworks

Little Neck Shoreline

A beautiful part of the coastline in Little Neck, New York. This is actually in the borough of Queens in New York City. A peaceful oasis within the city. This caught my eye with the undulating seawall and the contrast between the bright green grass and the very dark rocks. Lamy Safari with Noodler’s black ink and Holbein watercolors in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

2016-06-21 Little Neck Shoreline