Jenny Grist Mill

Continuing the Thanksgiving tour of Plymouth, the Jenny Grist Mill is a working grist mill located in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It is a reconstruction of the original Jenney Grist Mill, and it stands on the site of the original mill. John Jenny came to America from Leyden, England in 1623 on the Little James. The original Jenney Grist Mill was built in Plymouth Colony by John Jenney in 1636, and was run by him until his death in 1644. After his death, his wife Sarah and son Samuel continued to run the mill until Stockbridge took over the mill for legal reasons. The mill burned down in 1837. Lamy fountain pen with Noodler’s black ink, Daniel Smith watercolors in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

2015-11-27 Jenny Grist Mill


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