The Sleigh Bell reminds me of my favorite modern Christmas movie, The Polar Express. On Christmas Eve, a boy witnesses a train called the Polar Express that is about to depart for the North Pole. Once at the North Pole and Santa’s sleigh is loaded with gifts. As the reindeer are prepared and  Santa arrives, One bell breaks loose from a harness, and the hero boy retrieves it. He first hears nothing, but when he believes, he hears a sound. Santa entrusts the boy the bell as “The first gift of Christmas”. Santa leaves with his reindeer, and a band plays in celebration. The next morning, the boy’s sister wakes him up to open presents, including the bell he lost. The parents hear nothing, and the boy leaves it on the table. The narrator ends the story by saying the bell only rings for those who truly believe. Watercolor and Gouache in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

2015-12-21 Sleigh Bell


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