#365 – The Gate

Looking back at a fantastic art filled year, I return to my first sketch of 2015 and I re-create the drawing with the gate open this time. The year has been filled with wonderful beauty, sketching and making new friends through this odyssey. I have explored and drawn many items that I would not have considered sketching before this quest and I have seen great improvement. The gate has been opened and the exploring will continue. This is what I said on January 1st 2015 when I started this journey –

As we enter 2015, there will be many opportunities or barriers presented to us. It is our responsibility to make the best use of these as they are presented. Open the gate and explore the world beyond. In A Sketchbook Odyssey, I will be exploring my corner of the world and documenting my observations in sketchbooks through the use of pen & ink sketches, watercolor and art. Day 1 of my 365 page sketchbook. Conservation Land Gate – Marion, MA. Daniel Smith watercolors in a Stillman and Birn Beta sketchbook.

2015-12-31 The Gate-365


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