The Fort Hill area of Eastham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod is a beautiful rolling field overlooking the ocean that explodes with colorful wild flowers in late spring and early summer. On this day, the first bloomers are the Lupines in a compact area just off of the trail. Lupines have soft green to grey-green leaves which may be coated in silvery hairs, often densely so. The leaf blades are usually palmately divided into five to 28 leaflets. The flowers are produced in dense or open whorls on an erect spike, each flower 1–2 cm long. The pea-like flowers have an upper standard, or banner, two lateral wings, and two lower petals fused into a keel. The flower shape has inspired common names such as bluebonnets and Quaker bonnets. Holbein watercolors with Lukas gouache and Faber-Castell Art Pens in a Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

2016-06-03 Lupine


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