Birch Trees

Some beautiful natural birch trees along our driveway in our front yard. I have always loved the texture and color of the birch bark as it peels. In the fall, the leaves turn a bright yellow early in the foliage season as a contrast to the greens and browns of early fall. Lamy fountain pen with Noodler’s black ink, Holbein watercolors in  a Stillman and Birn Alpha Sketchbook.



5 thoughts on “Birch Trees

  1. Lisa Jacques October 11, 2015 / 5:09 pm

    Love this!


  2. rebecca October 12, 2015 / 3:48 am

    Really beautiful, I like how you let the distance fade out, and kept the forefront detailed and sharp


  3. waynejacques October 12, 2015 / 6:10 am

    Thank you Rebecca. It did achieve the affect of depth and was fun to paint.


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